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Country Profile - Ecuador
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Platform socialprotection.org
CaLP – The Cash Learning Partnership
Key Reports and Useful Documents
CONFERENCE PROGRAMME – International Conference on Social Protection in Contexts of Fragility and Forced Displacement
SPEAKERS’ BIOGRAPHIES – International Conference on Social Protection in Contexts of Fragility and Forced Displacement
CONCEPT NOTE – International Conference on Social Protection in Contexts of Fragility and Forced Displacement
BMZ – Social Protection for Equitable Development
European Commission Communication - Social Protection in European Union Development Cooperation
European Commission, 2017: Concept Paper 5: Indicators to measure social protection performance
European Commission, 2015: Supporting Social Protection Systems
European Commission - Greece, Response to the Refugee Crisis, DG ECHO Factsheet
European Commission - Turkey, Refugee crisis, DG ECHO Factsheet
European Commission – Social Protection, DG ECHO Factsheet
European Union – The New European Consensus on Development. ‘Our World, Our Dignity, Our Future’
FAO, ILO, UNDP, & WFP - Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen Programme (funded by the European Commission)
FAO - Social Protection for Resilience Building: Supporting Livelihoods in Protracted Crises, Fragile and Humanitarian Contexts
FAO – Social Protection Framework: Promoting rural development for all
FAO – The State of Food and Agriculture: Social Protection and Agriculture – Breaking the cycle of rural poverty
FAO - Strengthening coherence between agriculture and social protection to combat poverty and hunger in Africa: Framework for Analysis and Action
FAO - From evidence to action – the story of cash transfers and Impact Evaluation in Sub-Saharan Africa
FAO - Policy Brief: Cash transfers: their economic and productive impacts Evidence from programmes in sub-Saharan Africa
FAO - The role of social protection in protracted crises - enhancing the resilience of the most vulnerable
FAO - Social Protection in protracted crises, humanitarian and fragile contexts
FAO - Social Protection, Emergency Response, Resilience and Climate Change: a new interactive learning tool
GVG - Social Protection as an Alternative to Migration
HelpAge International - Strengthening State-Citizen Relations in Fragile Contexts: The Role of Cash Transfers
OECD Development Centre (co-funded by the European Commission), 2017: Social Protection in East Africa
OPM – Adapting Social Protection for Humanitarian Crises
OPM – Shock Responsive Social Protection, Literature Review
OPM – Case Study 2017, SRSP Pakistan
OPM – Case Study 2017, SRSP Philippines
OPM – Policy Brief 2017, SRSP Pakistan
OPM – Policy Brief 2017, SRSP Philippines
Save the Children – Child-sensitive Social Protection: Position Paper
Save the Children – “Cash Plus” Programmes for Children. A Child Poverty Global Theme Resource Paper
Save the Children – Malnutrition in Zambia: Harnessing Social Protection for the Most Vulnerable
Save the Children – Malnutrition in Bangladesh: Harnessing Social Protection for the Most Vulnerable
UNDP – Yemen Emergency Crisis Response Report
UNHCR - A Gradual Approach to Local Integration, Ecuador
UNHCR – Basic Needs Approach in the Refugee Response
UNHCR – Cash for Health, Jordan
UNHCR – Cash Policy
UNHCR – Education and Protection
UNHCR – Mainstreaming Refugees in National Education System
UNHCR-CGAP-Trickle Up – Economic Inclusion of the Poorest Refugees (Graduation Approach)
UNHCR – Leaving No One Behind: Graduation for Refugees, in Debating Graduation (IPC-IG), pp. 62-66
UNHCR-CGAP - Removing Barriers to Expand Access to Finance for Refugees
UNICEF & Save the Children – Adaptation and response for children affected by droughts and disasters
UNICEF – Humanitarian Cash Transfer Programme in Yemen
UNICEF – Integrated Social Protection Systems: Enhancing Equity for Children
UNICEF – Social Protection Strategic Framework
UNICEF – UN Strategy Framework for Yemen 2017-2019
UNICEF & World Bank – Assessment of Social Safety Nets in Burundi
WFP – At the Root of Exodus: Food Security, Conflict and International Migration
World Humanitarian Summit – Leaving no one behind: How linking social protection and humanitarian action can bridge the development-Humanitarian divide. A joint statement of social protection actors to the World Humanitarian Summit
FAO - Webinar on resilience #4 – Shock-responsive social protection for resilience building
FAO - Social protection, resilience and climate change: learning by having fun
FAO - Social protection and cash transfer programmes in sub-Saharan Africa
FAO - Cash Transfers: Myths vs. Reality
FAO - The Social Cash Transfer Programme - Breaking the cycle of poverty in Zambia
FAO - To LEAP Out of Poverty -- Impacts of Social Protection in Ghana
GIZ – Social Protection Programme Malawi 2017
UNHCR - Graduation Approach for Refugees
UNICEF – Giving Dignity Back
UNICEF – “This year I’m going to school”
WFP and the EU assisting refugees in Turkey through debit cards: #MoreThanFoodEU / #ESSN
WFP - Electronic food vouchers helping Syrian refugees in Lebanon
WFP - Initiative for school meals & social protection in the Middle East
WFP - Cash and vouchers in Somalia